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Use Google Like a Pro – Searching Tips

Google is a powerful tool, but we were missing out on most of its power. But not now, after reading this article you will be aware about tricks which will help you find more accurate result and in much faster way.

There are search operators in google which aren’t very popular. Let’s see few of them which will help you search on google like a pro.

1. Search Exact Words and Phrases

Search for an exact phrase or group of words by enclosing them in quotation marks.

When you enter a phrase or group of words into Google search, you will get results that are related to your query. Search for an exact phrase or group of words by enclosing them in quotation marks, This will get you search results in which this exact phrase can be found. i.e —

2. Search Excluding Specific Word

The minus sign allows you to specify words that shouldn’t appear in your search results. Hence, Exclude specific words from your search using a minus sign. i.e —

3. Search Within a Specific Site

You must have seen some websites which have their own internal search function, but there are many that do not have. You can still Confine your search to a single website. The site: operator allows you to perform a search in a specific site.

4. Search Using Asterisk As Placeholder

Asterisk works like a wildcard which lets you search the missing word in the phrase. If there is a specific quote or line you are looking for but it is hard to recall some words of the quote, just put an asterisk (*) in place of the missing words.

5. Search Definitions Using Define Keyword

If you are looking for the definition of a word or may be phrase, Try searching with keyword define: followed by the word or phrase.

6. Search for Specific Document Types

We can search in Google for specific document types like PowerPoint presentations or PDFs. We can do this by entering our search query, followed by filetype:type of file.

. . . . .

Google is an ocean of web pages. It contains millions of sites. Learning search tips can be really beneficial and creative. It will save our time and help us find web pages that are more relevant to us. Hope these 6 tips will help you to upgrade your search habit in Google and get more accurate results.

Enjoy reading…

Sourabh Sinha

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