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Sourabh Kumar Sinha
UI / Frontend Developer
+91 8757640302
Bangalore, India
React JS
Material UI / Bootstrap
Redux / Redux Saga
Angular 2/4/6
JEST / React Testing Library

Hello! Looking for UI Developer in India? 

I'm Sourabh Kumar Sinha. An enthusiastic UI Developer with 5 years of experience providing high-impact web solutions for diverse industry. Skilled in analysis, design, implementation and testing of the web-based applications, with a proven track record in building, managing and maintaining the applications. 

Currently working in Walmart Inc. as Software Development Engineer III, Ex Eagleview, Ex Accenture.

Proficient in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, ReactJS, Redux, Redux saga, and Angular with modern UI libraries like Material UI, Ant Design, Bootstrap, AmChart, Mapbox etc.

I have strong experience in designing and developing UI component libraries, micro-frontend application and have good knowledge on all major phases of a typical software development life cycle along with CI/CD integration.

Being certified with scaled agile framework I like working with Agile environment. So far, I have been successful in meeting deadlines and expectations.

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